Episode 93: ‘All the 7's’ (Kacie Rahm)

Sleeping with some ‘Rando’? Small town girl Kacie Rahm can only dream of this phenomenon. Growing up in an insular town where everyone knows everybody, she hopes and dreams and sets a goal: she’s gonna have sex with someone who’s not from her hometown, and she’ll do it before she starts college. On a Junior year family trip, she meets handsome older man (whoa, he’s 19) Ray in Hawaii, who clearly wants her - but Kacie bides her time. And when it’s announced that the Senior Class trip will be to Honolulu, Kacie knows exactly how she’s gonna say goodbye to parochial Chelan, WA and hello to reverse cowgirl. #TheGraduate #ComingOfAge #Closure


Episode 92: ‘Ring the Doorbell’ (Ryan Reid)

Ryan Reid is handed a diploma, he’s given 3 days to move out of his college dorms, & those unpaid internships didn’t really prepare him for real life - so what should he do? How about: move into a big queer radical faerie household on the Castro, borrow someone’s leather, and put an ad out to sell his (fine) body. He’s written a few public health papers on it; how hard could prostitution really be?! When the call comes, Ryan grabs the extra large tub of crisco, heads over and this feels: Easy. But anticipating what this coked up pig is looking for? That’s much harder. Please sir, may I have another? #SwallowIt #ThatllCostYouExtra


Episode 91: ‘Dipstick’ (Dara M Wilson)

Are you a Nerd who loves research? Well, Dara M Wilson is, and what better time to study than Halloween ( or as she likes to call it, “Disneyland for people who F*ck”). And on this All Hallow’s Eve, her clever costume, a partner who wants her to initiate, and a houseful of revelers all come together for an exciting mid-party hookup. Their guests might even get to watch! It’s all perfect - until Dara’s gal shuts the party down. It’s definitely time for a tuneup, but when the ob/gyn can’t help, Dara turns to bottomless mimosas and a visit to Good Vibrations to learn something new about her own body. #ButtSex #TrickOrTreat #Halloween


Episode 90: ‘Top Biscuits’ (Kat Attack)

Kat Attack can’t stop thinking about her Ex, so she puts down the Ben & Jerry’s and gathers a stable of lovers. But when one hot Jewish caveman-magician in her harem recognizes that nostalgic look on her face, he thoughtfully teaches her to connect to her spirit guides for protection (pro tip: be careful with your archetypes - they might just cockblock you). Kat’s journey from sorrowful to service top will ring true for pegging enthusiasts, book nerds, erotic hypnotists, Burning Man attendees, hippie therapists, Game of Thrones fans, and inexperienced dommes everywhere. Have you ever dated a kinky advent calendar, mi lady? (Oh, and shoutout to my pals at Camp John Waters; I hear the Blowjob Contest was a *rousing* success this year!)


Episode 89: ‘Eunuch’ (Nichi Hodgson)

Oh the Irony! You get hired for a private session by a dreamy David Bowie lookalike - and then they just want you to cut their dick off.  BBC broadcaster and Author Nichi Hodgson is making her rent the way few underpaid journalists can: by moonlighting as a dominatrix. It’s all in a day’s work till handsome American Sebastian walks in with his overstuffed leather briefcase and penectomy fantasy. Read aloud from his dossier of post feminist, post colonial scissor-play fantasies? That’s easy enough. But when a single appointment turns into a real relationship, Nichi slowly realizes that she can’t change who he is. Should she tell him she loves him, or clamp a pair of glinty sharp poultry scissors onto his shaft and give him what he really wants? #WhyNotBoth #HappyBirthday


Episode 88: ‘Return the Favor’ (Jessica Cerretani)

Shouldn’t Condoms sell themselves? When sex educator wannabe Jessica Cerretani gets her dream job at a Boston’s premier prophylactic shop, she’s over the moon; not only can she make the world a safer, sexier place but people now see her as a femme fatale with mad skills. She’s in demand, and her dating life is looking up! Till her ‘Manwhore’ conveniently misses the last train one hot August night and they sizzle…and somehow fizzle. It may takes decades for her to read the whole story (on the internet) - or maybe it’s still a mystery. Wait, did that really happen? #VibratorVixen #BlogworthyBlowjob #MySpace


Episode 87: ‘BadAss’ (Saren O’Grady)

Have you ever had a fantasy that you’re fearful of sharing - and then when you do, you’re shamed for wanting it? After Saren O’Grady leaves the judgmental partner who responds to her secret with ‘Jesus, what’s wrong with you?’ she reinvents herself and discovers a new passion for weightlifting - and for her hot AF personal trainer, Jake. They fall hard and bond over a shared enthusiasm for competitive bodybuilding, but then she suffers a tragic sports injury. Devastated by her body’s new limitations, Saren’s fear and depression tell her that her deadlifting dreams *and* her perfect relationship are ending. Butt don’t worry: this story’s got hope *and* anal! Hey, what’s the latin term for a Happy Ending? #GoogleIt #Worthy #BodyPositive #Bootylicious


Episode 86: ‘Human Buffet’ (Marco Salsiccia)

Fancy a splash of French Vanilla Custard, or maybe some delicious Maple Cream? Kinky Blind storyteller Marco Salsiccia returns to the podcast with his tale of discovery: the hidden world of erotic lactation! After stumbling upon the voluptuous curves of #ANR #ABF and Milk Munches (with discounted milkshakes for attendees, YUM), Marco discovers a warm, wet, welcoming community. Plus Jefferson Bergey wants you to know that music can soothe the savage breast - oh, and did I mention that Forbes Magazine says Bawdy Storytelling’s podcast is the BEST?! #HelloNurse #Oxytocin #BestOf


Episode 85: ‘Party Trick’ (Charra Steele)

Are you an Overachiever? When kinky supermodel Charra Steele plays Dixie’s OKPervert dating game at Bawdy, she’s drawn to an ad from a single female who laments that alas, Bawdy has never gotten her laid. Inconceivable! Charra and her partner Dan can definitely fix that. They reply, and Charra wakes to a text from from the mystery woman who suggests a no makeup lunchtime meet-up that very day to check out the chemistry. Charra waits in a Mexican restaurant (sans makeup, with a cold, no less) and when elfin hottie GlitterNips walks in barefaced and dripping from the rain, they’re both a YES and a threesome plan is hatched. But when Charra and her partner happen upon GlitterNip’s secret fantasy, our curvy heroine decides she will do whatever it takes to give this new friend a night she’ll never forget. I hope you’re HUNGRY, you Sweaty Miscreant! #Accommodating #FingerPaints #Committed


Episode 84: ‘Plot Twist‘ (Andy Miles & a Surprise Guest)

Ready for a Double Whammy? Andy Miles’ cross country move becomes a gender journey: just move from Atlanta to San Francisco, meet an Elvis lookalike at a play party, peg and facef*ck him while your husband cheers you on - oh crap, a Starbuck’s barista just changed everything. More, you say? A rather familiar buxom redhead (you know who I’m talking ‘bout) gets on the internet to beg for terrible sex… I mean, what could possibly go wrong? 

Enter the Welcome Circle, it’s Season 5! ##MildestToWildest TransMan


Season 5 Teaser: An Update!

Just ONE WEEK till the Bawdy Storytelling Podcast returns! In the meantime, I wanted to share some good news, and tell you what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks. Give a Listen, Bite those fingernails and Hold your (mastur(bated) breath, cause we’re back on August 14th - I merely ask that you TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW. And If you haven’t, please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, so that we land in your earholes just as soon as Season 5 launches. Need something to do till then? Would you write the Bawdy podcast a review? That makes my evil heart go bump bump bump. #Thanks #SocialMedia #TellYourFriends #ShareThePodcast


Episode 83: ‘Wishbone’ (Dani Lion)

Dani Lion feels broken. How can she possibly shop *this* body to prospective lovers? Her intruder alarm is going off, and penetrative sex feels impossible. But when this militant bisexual is told that her body has chosen for her, she refuses to accept the diagnosis. Is it sexual trauma? Can a prescription dildo help her? And what is Sex, anyway? What begins in Pittsburgh with Magic the Gathering culminates with Luke Skywalker in a tiny Canadian bedroom, where Dani learns what she’s really capable of. Plus Rachel Lark! This is end of Season 4, y’all, keep tellin’ your story…We’ll be back soon. #LoveYourBody #Queer