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The Original Sex and Storytelling Series


San Francisco

Bottoms Up
January 18, 2018

Join us for our next regular Bawdy Storytelling Show in San Francisco! Why? Because you KNOW it's going to be a good time. And hey, our musical guest will be Rachel Lark! Pitch your stories by sending a voice memo to dixie@bawdystorytelling.com. If you're chosen, you get a free hour of coaching from Dixie herself!



San Francisco Sketchfest
January 23, 2018
Punchline Comedy Club

We're back at Sketchfest this year, and we're bringing Jefferson Bergey! Come out and join the fun.


Bawdy Roasts Reid
February 2, 2018

It's Reid's 50th Birthday! For decades, he's been rocking worlds, blowing minds, and making space for people to frolic. Now, as a thank you, we're gonna make him cry in front of his friends! Come to the Bawdy Storytelling Roast of Reid Mihalko to listen to fun, touching stories, touchy fun stories, and fun stories about touching. (Did that make sense at all? Moving on...)

The evening will feature many Bawdy favorites, including music, BANG-O!, specialty cocktails, and a whole lot of sex talk. To pitch a story, send a voice memo to dixie@bawdystorytelling.com. 



Born This Way
January 11, 2018

We're back at the Re-bar in January, and we want to hear from you! This month's theme is BORN THIS WAY. Got a story that needs telling? Send a voice memo to dixie@bawdystorytelling.com. If your pitch is selected, you get an hour of free coaching from Dixie, and a chance to knock our audience's socks off on our stage!



Music is an important part of Bawdy Storytelling. Every live show features a musical guest who riffs on the theme of the night. Some of our talented pals have even written original music for us! Here are a few of our very favorite regular guests, and links to their music. You should listen to their stuff and give them all your money. They deserve it.


Rachel Lark

Rachel is a San Francisco based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her music has been featured on The Savage Lovecast and Salon, and she tours regularly throughout the U.S. and Europe.  She's made waves for her biting political satire, fearless authenticity, and hilarious, raunchy wit.  She's been called the "musical muse for the sex-positive revolution" and "in the league of Sondheim and Tim Minchin."

In December, 2016, Lark recorded a studio album at Tiny Telephone Studios with her band, The Damaged Goods.  In March 2017 she released "They've Done Studies" followed by a multi-media dramatic live production at DNA Lounge called "Studies Have Shown." She toured the production throughout the U.S. in the summer of 2017.


Jefferson Bergey

When singing on his best behavior, Bergey is a sought-after private event vocalist, M.C., and consultant for the award-winning Lucky Devils Band as well as a solo artist for Ivy Hill Entertainment. He IS the wedding singer. 

When he isn't performing in a family-friendly environment, Bergey takes great delight in participating in shows that could very well be considered family-unfriendly.  Bergey writes and performs his own unique genre of (Immature) Adult Contemporary in various comedy shows, podcasts, story-telling events, and house concerts. It's coffee shop singer-songwriter folk music... if the coffee shop also sold sex toys and sativa gummy bears. Definitely not for the very young or the very old and quite possibly conservative. 


Shirley Gnome

 You may be thinking it - but Shirley sings it shamelessly with "the voice of an angel dry-humping a cloud." Provocative truths about sex and human nature go down smooth with her sugar-coated vocals and gorgeous guitar stylings. Internationally acclaimed, she has wowed audiences and critics alike with sell out shows across Canada, the US, Australia and the UK. She has recently signed with Canada's largest independent music label (604 Records).

Her latest album, "Taking It Up The Notch", went to #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts in Canada on release day. It's award winning, cleverly-carnal cabaret comedy that is NOT for the faint of heart. 


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Storytelling is about building a connection. So is sex.

For over ten years, Bawdy has featured true stories of sex, kink, body image, gender and more to build community and bring people together. We do regular live storytelling events in two cities, but that's just one way to enjoy Bawdy. Our podcast and YouTube channel are great ways to get your Bawdy fix, too.

Our live events feature an eclectic mix of authors, poets, comedians and actors – along with real people just like you - sharing their (true) adventures in ten minutes or less. Storytellers submit their material online and are chosen for their panache and sense of (mis)adventure.

Sexual folklorist Dixie De La Tour curates submitted stories, then works with experienced and first-time storytellers to create a one-of-a-kind evening for each and every Bawdy. Her coaching superpowers tease out surprisingly powerful stories of sex, kink or gender. Then at showtime, Dixie coaches the audience, too – creating an emotionally supportive, unintimidating, and sex-positive atmosphere that’s unique, engaging and fun. Add connecting games (like the ever-popular Bang-O) and you have a show that’ll be your new favorite social event EVER.

Come see a show and meet new, open-minded people. Before you know it, you'll be wanting to share your stories, too.



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