Episode 58: ‘Consent & Crotch Rockets’ (Dossie Easton)

Are you ready to make a scene? On this episode, Notorious psychotherapist and author Dossie Easton (co-author of The Ethical Slut, The Topping Book, The Bottoming Book, Radical Ecstasy and more) shares a few kinky tales from her 75 years on Earth, and recounts some of the groundbreaking pervy parties she’s enjoyed in sex-positive community. Sneak peek: While she’s in the throes of pleasure and pain at a Gay Leathermen’s party, a stranger stumbles upon her scene-in-progress and his interruption brings the flogging to a screeching halt. Her joyful connection lost, Dossie chases him out of the dungeon, returning later to defy social norms, and to firmly-yet-kindly ensure that he’ll never repeat his mistake. Her valuable lesson about play party etiquette, consent and negotiation will benefit both total newbies and seasoned kinksters… Hey Ferris Bueller, does your Daddy ride a Harley?


Episode 57: ‘It’s Stuck in There!’ (Sarah Pennino)

Gah, they never knock! On this episode, Teen Mom turned Sportsballing Lesbian Sarah Pennino heads off to Festival of the Babes in Vancouver BC for queer community and healthy exercise. Since a weekend away is a rare thing for a single parent, she makes the most of it – and ends up falling in love with her non-binary Tinder date. How do you balance a queer long distance relationship with the proper parenting of your son? Plan for adventurous family travel, be a good listener, give sound medical advice, throw a blanket over your (sexual act) when your teenager walks in on you, and remember not to yank. Youch, now we need WebMD for TWO medical emergencies!


Episode 56: ‘MomSexual’ (Deirdre Bowen)

Long live the SuperLike! On this episode, Deirdre Bowen tries Tinder at the behest of her daughter, and soon finds herself engaged in a little pre-Cheesecake Factory sexting with a (really) Young Republican in another state. It’s all innocent enough till her bossy ballerina/lawyer BFF challenges our heroine to make those Cougar dreams a reality – why don’t you head down the coast and find out if this flirtatious cub boy is for real? One refundable Southwest airline ticket later, D is experiencing the sort of airport chivalry her husband never bestowed on her, and she ends up spending her ‘business trip’ enjoying enthusiastic, pokey, outdoor sex with a great view of her daughter’s dorm. Hi Mom!


Episode 55: ‘Rapture’(Nerine Mechanique, Sean Riccio)

Oh, the Bounty! On this episode, Sean Riccio cavorts in DomCon New Orleans’ dimly lit hallways and dungeons with Goddesses and Ladys and Prodommes (oh MY!), Jefferson Bergey sings about cakefarts, roman showers and shoving habaneros in your sex holes (splosh!), and Nerine Mechanique’s OKCupid date plans an immodest date, replete with excessive wine pairings and the tasting menu (Hint: she’s on it).

It’s 2019, do you carry a pocketknife? You should, cause those babies are useful! #Sanguination


Episode 54: ‘The Expiration Date’ (Kristin Pedemonti)

Kristin Pedemonti was filled with dread at the arrival of the big 5-0. Were her forties, a decade of newly realized desire and sexual adventure, really coming to an end? A last-minute invite allows her to celebrate her big number birthday at a Tantra festival. She arrives feeling unworthy and intimidated at the prospect of 2 days of intimacy and sexuality workshops, but by weekend’s end, she’s been introduced to partnered touch, sound healing, yoga and more, and leaves on Sunday feeling self-acceptance, empathy, confidence, and being adored, loved and devoured in all the right ways.

Here’s hoping that 2019 delivers limitless pleasures to you as well, my friends!


Episode 52: ‘With Risk! in Brooklyn 4‘

It’s part 2 of the Bawdy/Risk! live collaboration show in Brooklyn!

Bawdy Storytelling went to Brooklyn recently to collaborate with the Risk! podcast, and recorded it live for both podcasts. In this episode, you’ll hear the second half of the live ‘Pervert’ show, plus an interview that Kevin Allison did with Dixie De La Tour about her story ‘Freak Wedding’. Dixie and Kevin talk about why we each do what we do, our love for sex and storytelling, and the joy of putting people onstage – and on our podcasts – to tell their stories. There’s a bit of storytelling theory, some intensely personal reveals, and a whole lot of mutual love and respect.

Thanks for a good time, Kevin!


Episode 51: ‘With Risk! in Brooklyn 3‘

Bawdy Storytelling joins the Risk! podcast again in Brooklyn!

This week’s episode is part 1 of the live ‘Pervert’ show, recorded at the Bell House in November 2018. Hosted by Bawdy’s Dixie De La Tour and Risk’s Kevin Allison (2 redheaded perverts who love to create storytelling shows together), there’s simply too much depravity and debauchery for one episode, so stay tuned for part 2 of the evening on next week’s podcast.

Also, be sure to go over to Risk-show.com for a different take on the evening, and for a unique behind-the-scenes from Risk’s host Kevin Allison.

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If you love storytelling, you’ll love Risk!


Episode 50: ‘Penthouse Prostate Party‘ (Karin Jones) 

Karin Jones knows that turning Fifty and hitting Menopause are not the end of her sexual story. Newly single, she’s feeling bolder and more confident than she ever did as a wife and mother. So when this single, sexually-awakened woman moves to London and joins the billions on Tinder and OKCupid, online success quickly leads her to George, a new lover who recognizes that special glimmer in her eye. Together they attend her first sex party in an upscale hotel. For a moment, Karin worries that her dimpled, over 40 ass may ruin her first orgy – until her medical training saves the day, and earns her a standing ovation!


Episode 49: ‘Just Happy to Be Here’ (Soren Berg)

Soren knows that single men aren’t allowed in the Orgy Dome. But when this #VanLife traveler is adopted by a kink-centric theme camp at Burning Man, a trio of sexual adventurers invite him to join them, and they introduce this newbie to puppy play, sadism, consensual electrical play – and the importance of excessive hydration.

Surf’s up, Perverts!


Episode 48: ‘Dollar Store Dick’ (Claire Webber)

Nonstop college parties are not enough when you have Attention Deficit Disorder. Claire Webber’s ADD demands that she up the anté on every social situation, because gravity bongs and keggers just feel…inadequate. One night, a pile of stolen male clothing and a repurposed five-and-dime pervertible inspire Claire to experiment with gender transformation. Despite plans to keep it platonic, Claire’s alter-ego proves irresistible to her sensible dorm-mate, so Chelsea (and her boyfriend Luke) bargain to nullify their roommate agreement.Together, this threesome discovers what this hot new man is packing in his pants!


Episode 47: ‘Butthole to the Lord’ (Matt Lieb)

His first orgasm in grade school had Matt Lieb obsessed – how do I get more of THAT?! Pretty soon, no household object is safe from his pillaging (will you recognize something that you’ve borked in his massive list?) til one day, he affixes his eyes on the prize, that Holy Grail of masturbation: Auto-Fellatio. Are you up to the challenge? Only a limited number of people are physically capable of this act, and in this episode’s story, Matt shares some helpful tips and tricks from his own experiences – and reveals how different the act of oral stimulation on your own penis was than his hopes and dreams.

Spoiler Alert: one of his Mom’s hobbies helps him to achieve this lofty goal.