Episode 90: ‘Top Biscuits’ (Kat Attack)

Kat Attack can’t stop thinking about her Ex, so she puts down the Ben & Jerry’s and gathers a stable of lovers. But when one hot Jewish caveman-magician in her harem recognizes that nostalgic look on her face, he thoughtfully teaches her to connect to her spirit guides for protection (pro tip: be careful with your archetypes - they might just cockblock you). Kat’s journey from sorrowful to service top will ring true for pegging enthusiasts, book nerds, erotic hypnotists, Burning Man attendees, hippie therapists, Game of Thrones fans, and inexperienced dommes everywhere. Have you ever dated a kinky advent calendar, mi lady? (Oh, and shoutout to my pals at Camp John Waters; I hear the Blowjob Contest was a *rousing* success this year!)