Episode 89: ‘Eunuch’ (Nichi Hodgson)

Oh the Irony! You get hired for a private session by a dreamy David Bowie lookalike - and then they just want you to cut their dick off.  BBC broadcaster and Author Nichi Hodgson is making her rent the way few underpaid journalists can: by moonlighting as a dominatrix. It’s all in a day’s work till handsome American Sebastian walks in with his overstuffed leather briefcase and penectomy fantasy. Read aloud from his dossier of post feminist, post colonial scissor-play fantasies? That’s easy enough. But when a single appointment turns into a real relationship, Nichi slowly realizes that she can’t change who he is. Should she tell him she loves him, or clamp a pair of glinty sharp poultry scissors onto his shaft and give him what he really wants? #WhyNotBoth #HappyBirthday