Episode 73 ‘Addickted’ (A.C.Lobo)

Are you ready for a different kind of Pony Play? When ASL interpreter A.C. Lobo Writer becomes addicted to Crystal Meth, sex is like a brand new 4K color TV: the real world (of growing up a fat queer kid in a latino family, rife with body issues) falls away and he feels confident, powerful and desirable. But after losing his job, friends and family to his drug addiction, A.C. decides to get sober - and dammit, now sex is like watching a tiny black and white set with rabbit ears. Can he stay off drugs and be a dirty, smelly sex pig, too? The committee of critics in his head make that feel impossible. Then one of his favorite drug-fueled fantasy events comes to town and he bravely throws a hood over his head, writes a number on his ass in permanent marker and he’s off to the races (in a dungeon). Hey, who’s stirring that pot of Mac n Cheese, anyway? #HorseFair #GayRap