Episode 44: ‘Over my Dead Body’ (Amy Melin)

Queer storyteller Amy Melin stumbles upon a Buzzfeed listicle that includes a kink she’s never encountered before. The deviant film it leads her to leaves her stunned, embarrassed and extremely aroused, so she struggles to hide this newfound fetish from her friends and beloved HusButch. But on New Year’s Eve, her community gathers to create performance art, poetry and erotic necromancy to celebrate Amy's secret with a dramatic reading of Anaïs Nin, and they encourage her to enact her own sex magick. Bring out your dead!


Episode 43: ‘Sex & Politics’ (Jessica Cohen)

Can the best sex of your life alter who you vote for? Die-hard Democrat Jessica Cohen meets a vienna sausage fingered, Russ Limbaugh-listening Republican on an OKCupid date, and while appalled at his politics, the chemistry in the bedroom is overwhelming. Their post-sex cuddling and conversation allows them to understand each other’s politics better, and she empathizes with his circumstances that led him to vote Red. But can the phrase ‘opposites attract’ extend all the way to the voting booth? And should you sleep with someone who is canceling out your vote?


Episode 42: ‘My Road Trip with Tigger’ (Christina Willis)

Recreational Masturbator Christina Willis finds her divorced life of pinot noir and hummus boring and lonely until she wanders onto Craigslist and answers a personal ad for a mutual masturbation date with an attractive stranger. Her busy life of work and solo parenthood force her to be content with long emails and occasional sex dates with her new penpal - until a family emergency leads to a real world road trip, and Christina learns that she and Eric are more alike than she ever knew.


Episode 41: ‘Friends with Benefits’ (Jeffrey Allen Hayes)

Jeffrey Allen Hayes considers which of his daily work interactions at a San Francisco sex club might actually constitute a sex act. Is it a verbal command that results in an orgasm? A chance exchange of fluids? Sharing a pizza with a naked coworker? When you’re a jizzmopper, every workday is fraught with sexual run-ins between the club’s open-minded staff and their randy visitors. Oh, and Happy No-Syphilis Cupcake Day!


Episode 40: ‘Sex, Drugs and the Rainbow Gathering’ (Luna Murray)

Luna leaves her Americorp job with teammates Alejandro and Jordana to enjoy Spring Break at the National Rainbow Gathering. A late night encounter in the glow of the bonfire with a Professor Trelawney lookalike / Alien visiting from Pleiades launches a 56 hour sexual journey that features neopolitan threesomes, a Mad Hatter, fruitarians, some sexy Columbian campfire stank a myriad of sparkly drum circles and thousands of naked hippies cavorting through forests and streams in search of adventure. It only takes a token!


Episode 38: ‘Social Justice and Sexual Attraction’ (Dara M Wilson)

Introvert Dara M Wilson and her mathlete friend Claudia travel to New Orleans, where Dara meets Claudia’s attractive friend, Scott. Dara keeps trying to connect with this handsome nerd on a pub crawl, but it just isn’t working - until Dara and Scott bond over social justice, institutionalized oppression, race relations, fighting the good fight, and the school to prison pipeline.


Episode 37: Love isn’t Blind (Marco Salsiccia)

First time storyteller Marco Salsiccia is a visual animator and gamer whose world is upended when he starts to go blind. To escape the social isolation and loneliness, he attempts to master the new low vision tools given to him by the Lighthouse for the Blind, and then decides to make it fun by using them to explore dating sites. One night, his text-to-speech reader steers him toward OKCupid, and to an incredible woman who teaches him to live in a brand new way. Rather than having his life diminished by retinal cancer, his world - and his understanding of what love is - expands beyond his wildest dreams.


EPISODE 36: The Master at Work

First-time storyteller Ron Bryan discovers the Pacific Northwest’s adult video and porn theater circuit, and with a little help from his Aunt Nellie (and Ernest Borgnine), this bumblebee finds his nectar.

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