Episode 66: ‘Amazon’ (Janice in the City)

Holy Hot Wheels, it’s a Mega Giantess! When 6’4” tall Missouri farmgirl Janice in the City gets her first computer, the accompanying AOL disk leads her to the Tall People chatrooms, where she meets lonely Elvis Impersonator Manuel. Rescued from the daily taunts she endures for looking different, this new long distance relationship makes her feeling beautiful for the first time in her life (and that’s intoxicating AF). She drives a thousand miles to lose her virginity in a Nashville hotel room only to finally discover Manuel secret fetish - and craving his love and approval, soon she’s trampling Lego skyscrapers and stomping tiny cities in 6 inch heels to get him rock hard. But if Macrophilia is about power, why does Janice feel powerless? A Christmas blizzard and a rather revealing gift help her to finally become the woman of incredible strength that Manuel has been seeking all along. Stay Three Dimensional, Listeners!