Episode 65: ‘DangerSex’ (Fay Romero)

Watch out for Accidental Anal! Best of Bawdy 2019 winner Fay Romero clearly has a type – or so he thinks when he meets up with therapist number 3 on OKCupid. Jessica showcases all the things he enjoys in a new partner: she’s quirky,, cute, intelligent, and witty. He’s pretty sure he knows what to expect when she invites him back to her well-appointed condo for Johnny Walker and a make out session. But when aroused, Jessica rockets Fay back to a scary place that features snake-handling, backmasking, and speaking in tongues. Should he bolt before her head spins a la The Exorcist, or take a lesson from some of his favorite near-death experiences and just strap in, welcome the demons and enjoy the ride? #SubliminalMessage #ImSorryAdam