Episode 58: ‘Consent & Crotch Rockets’ (Dossie Easton)

Are you ready to make a scene? On this episode, Notorious psychotherapist and author Dossie Easton (co-author of The Ethical Slut, The Topping Book, The Bottoming Book, Radical Ecstasy and more) shares a few kinky tales from her 75 years on Earth, and recounts some of the groundbreaking pervy parties she’s enjoyed in sex-positive community. Sneak peek: While she’s in the throes of pleasure and pain at a Gay Leathermen’s party, a stranger stumbles upon her scene-in-progress and his interruption brings the flogging to a screeching halt. Her joyful connection lost, Dossie chases him out of the dungeon, returning later to defy social norms, and to firmly-yet-kindly ensure that he’ll never repeat his mistake. Her valuable lesson about play party etiquette, consent and negotiation will benefit both total newbies and seasoned kinksters… Hey Ferris Bueller, does your Daddy ride a Harley?