Episode 75: ‘Party Starter’ (Elizabeth Barlow)

Get ready to feel Treasured and Revered! After 5 years of exclusively dating women, Bisexual narrative artist Elizabeth realizes that she’s missing that Big Dick Energy - but how will she find the right guy for the job? After a few jazz bar dates, a #TinderFail or 5 and the encouragement of a few other female adventurers, she receives an invitation to a women-call-the-shots sex party. Will she choose her volunteer wisely? And why is there no art on the walls at this soiree, anyway? #Artgasm #SexualExpression 


Episode 74 ‘F*ck Yurt’ (Sarah Newsome)

Nothing shakes the feeling of failure like a buttplug dance party, right? When Sarah Newsome decides she wants to dispel her ‘not queer enough’, ‘not kinky enough’ blues, she joins her friend Lindsay on a camping trip to Critical Northwest, a Seattle Burning Man regional event. A Burning Man virgin, Sarah didn’t expect everyone to be so cool and poly, and she feels even more out of place than ever - till Lindsay pulls out a double dose of daring in a ziploc bag. Now everything is sparkly and she’s joining a redheaded lumbersexual on a red light adventure in a canvas s*x yurt. WOW. Sarah floats over to Kevin Bacon camp the next morning to demand a rematch. Will the second time be the charm with this dreamy Zach Galifianakis lookalike - or perhaps it was the drugs after all? Sarah’s gonna have to wade back through those bouncing buttcheeks and ballsacks to know for sure! #Chatterbox


Episode 73 ‘Addickted’ (A.C.Lobo)

Are you ready for a different kind of Pony Play? When ASL interpreter A.C. Lobo Writer becomes addicted to Crystal Meth, sex is like a brand new 4K color TV: the real world (of growing up a fat queer kid in a latino family, rife with body issues) falls away and he feels confident, powerful and desirable. But after losing his job, friends and family to his drug addiction, A.C. decides to get sober - and dammit, now sex is like watching a tiny black and white set with rabbit ears. Can he stay off drugs and be a dirty, smelly sex pig, too? The committee of critics in his head make that feel impossible. Then one of his favorite drug-fueled fantasy events comes to town and he bravely throws a hood over his head, writes a number on his ass in permanent marker and he’s off to the races (in a dungeon). Hey, who’s stirring that pot of Mac n Cheese, anyway? #HorseFair #GayRap


Episode 71: ‘Russian Furry’ (The Ceiling Cat Prophet)

This week, Bawdy gets #Anthropomorphic: When first time storyteller The Ceiling Cat Prophet learns that her son is a Furry, she’s not thrilled - but at least he’s not a Gay Republican. Wanting to make sure that her teenage son isn’t exposed to adult content too early, this supportive Ultra-liberal Polyamorous Buddhist Burning Man-attending Russian immigrant starts escorting him to Furvert events, and soon her adult content red bracelet has her in a sling, being tag-teamed by a Sabretooth Tiger and a Raccoon at FurCon. Oh, and Dixie won Foxy Mary 2019! #Furry #FurCon #Award #SPI #Irreverent


Episode 70: ‘F. Scott Surprise’ (Shawn Silverman)

“The Beautiful and the Damned” you say? When Shawn Silverman’s marriage ends, he’s advised to do all the things he couldn’t do with his Ex. So he joins OKCupid and promptly meets F. Scott SuperFan Nickie, whose fetish for archery and flesh hooks feels like going from 0 to 120 after his 7 year relationship. How can he possibly keep up with this wild child? Utilizing a trail of literary tributes and some rather dodgy GPS instructions, he shows this ButtSex Champion that while the Vanilla may be lacking in needle play skills, they more than make up for it by paying careful attention. Zelda would be so proud! #AnalHook #BrokenBones


Episode 69: ‘Boob Voyage’ (Allison Moon, Pierced Angel)

Yes, they’re REAL! On this episode, PiercedAngel can only dream of sporting a pair of bodacious Blouse Bunnies - till she learns about the Titty Fairy and Bodacious Bazonga financing (The Girl Can’t Help It), Jefferson Bergey surprises us with a song about Dixie’s secret superpower (Applause Boobs), and Allison Moon decides that getting a breast reduction isn’t about the patriarchy at all - it’s about her own comfort and pleasure (Thanks for the Mammaries). Y’all, it’s Episode 69, and this one’s all about Breasts!

You can watch the videos of these stories and songs at:


Allison Moon

Jefferson Bergey

#JayneMansfield #MamieVanDoren #MarilynMonroe #Motorboats #BreastEnlargement #Addictive #BodyAutonomy #BreastReduction


Episode 68: ‘Tonight’s the Night’ (Midori)

Midori shares a spectacular personal story at Bawdy - be gentle, it’s her first time! When a mysterious older man begins to ask after her in her small suburban town, nerdy straight A exchange student (and Jane Austin reader) Midori sees an opportunity to escape the overeager teenage boys at her high school, a chance to engage in the fine art of courtship - but just who’s wooing who? She savors long talks over tea with suave dresser Donald at the only espresso-serving cafe in town - conversations about Poetry, Opera, Jazz, Travel, and Mozart - and soon, she crafts her plan. With the help of her 2 best girlfriends, a pair of hand-sewn fishnet stockings and a trip to Planned Parenthood, the night of her sexual rite of adulthood is finally here…um, why do they call it ‘Virginity’ anyway? #Graduation


Episode 67: ‘Catcalled’ (Krashkittn)

Here Kitty Kitty! When nerdy new hire Jessica shows up on the job, video game artist Marley realizes he’s finally found his true love – and promptly throws away his stash of women’s clothes. But the urge remains, so Marley comes up with a plan: beta test those feminine dreams by becoming Krashkittn for Halloween. Will walking a mile in women’s boots tell her whether to share her secret (gender) identity with Jessica and the world? And what does Glinda the Good Witch have to do with love conquering all? #ChallengeMode


Episode 66: ‘Amazon’ (Janice in the City)

Holy Hot Wheels, it’s a Mega Giantess! When 6’4” tall Missouri farmgirl Janice in the City gets her first computer, the accompanying AOL disk leads her to the Tall People chatrooms, where she meets lonely Elvis Impersonator Manuel. Rescued from the daily taunts she endures for looking different, this new long distance relationship makes her feeling beautiful for the first time in her life (and that’s intoxicating AF). She drives a thousand miles to lose her virginity in a Nashville hotel room only to finally discover Manuel secret fetish - and craving his love and approval, soon she’s trampling Lego skyscrapers and stomping tiny cities in 6 inch heels to get him rock hard. But if Macrophilia is about power, why does Janice feel powerless? A Christmas blizzard and a rather revealing gift help her to finally become the woman of incredible strength that Manuel has been seeking all along. Stay Three Dimensional, Listeners!


Episode 65: ‘DangerSex’ (Fay Romero)

Watch out for Accidental Anal! Best of Bawdy 2019 winner Fay Romero clearly has a type – or so he thinks when he meets up with therapist number 3 on OKCupid. Jessica showcases all the things he enjoys in a new partner: she’s quirky,, cute, intelligent, and witty. He’s pretty sure he knows what to expect when she invites him back to her well-appointed condo for Johnny Walker and a make out session. But when aroused, Jessica rockets Fay back to a scary place that features snake-handling, backmasking, and speaking in tongues. Should he bolt before her head spins a la The Exorcist, or take a lesson from some of his favorite near-death experiences and just strap in, welcome the demons and enjoy the ride? #SubliminalMessage #ImSorryAdam


Episode 64: ‘Hostel Takeover’ (Cerulean)

Ever wondered what happens behind the privacy curtain in a Coed dorm? When #TravelJunkie Cerulean journeys to Seattle for a friend’s same sex wedding, her modest budget means a shared room at the Green Tortoise Hostel near the infamous Pike Place Market. A reservation error has somehow turned her woman’s room booking into a coed dorm – but she’s extra OK with it when handsome yoga rockstar Scott walks in. They end up canoodling over a globe and a few beers on a hostel-organized pub crawl, nerding out on World Travel. Scott ends her multi-year dry spell with a life lesson on sex and pleasure – and leaves her with new self-knowledge that will stay with her forever.


Episode 63: ‘Ghosts of Submissives Past‘ (Brian Abascal)

When married gay man Brian Abascal leaves the almost-nonexistent kink scene in Boston for the vibrant leather scene in San Francisco, he finds himself presented with a sumptuous buffet of new experiences. But what if you don’t know what your kink *is* yet? Exploring the Bear dance parties of SOMA and the Dungeons of the Castro, Brian discovers that his new leather community comes with BDSM mentorship opportunities that will allow him to learn more about himself and what turns him on. Unfortunately, now it’s not just about what he wants - he’s discovered what he needs.