Episode 66: ‘Amazon’ (Janice in the City)

Holy Hot Wheels, it’s a Mega Giantess! When 6’4” tall Missouri farmgirl Janice in the City gets her first computer, the accompanying AOL disk leads her to the Tall People chatrooms, where she meets lonely Elvis Impersonator Manuel. Rescued from the daily taunts she endures for looking different, this new long distance relationship makes her feeling beautiful for the first time in her life (and that’s intoxicating AF). She drives a thousand miles to lose her virginity in a Nashville hotel room only to finally discover Manuel secret fetish - and craving his love and approval, soon she’s trampling Lego skyscrapers and stomping tiny cities in 6 inch heels to get him rock hard. But if Macrophilia is about power, why does Janice feel powerless? A Christmas blizzard and a rather revealing gift help her to finally become the woman of incredible strength that Manuel has been seeking all along. Stay Three Dimensional, Listeners!


Episode 65: ‘DangerSex’ (Fay Romero)

Watch out for Accidental Anal! Best of Bawdy 2019 winner Fay Romero clearly has a type – or so he thinks when he meets up with therapist number 3 on OKCupid. Jessica showcases all the things he enjoys in a new partner: she’s quirky,, cute, intelligent, and witty. He’s pretty sure he knows what to expect when she invites him back to her well-appointed condo for Johnny Walker and a make out session. But when aroused, Jessica rockets Fay back to a scary place that features snake-handling, backmasking, and speaking in tongues. Should he bolt before her head spins a la The Exorcist, or take a lesson from some of his favorite near-death experiences and just strap in, welcome the demons and enjoy the ride? #SubliminalMessage #ImSorryAdam


Episode 64: ‘Hostel Takeover’ (Cerulean)

Ever wondered what happens behind the privacy curtain in a Coed dorm? When #TravelJunkie Cerulean journeys to Seattle for a friend’s same sex wedding, her modest budget means a shared room at the Green Tortoise Hostel near the infamous Pike Place Market. A reservation error has somehow turned her woman’s room booking into a coed dorm – but she’s extra OK with it when handsome yoga rockstar Scott walks in. They end up canoodling over a globe and a few beers on a hostel-organized pub crawl, nerding out on World Travel. Scott ends her multi-year dry spell with a life lesson on sex and pleasure – and leaves her with new self-knowledge that will stay with her forever.


Episode 63: ‘Ghosts of Submissives Past‘ (Brian Abascal)

When married gay man Brian Abascal leaves the almost-nonexistent kink scene in Boston for the vibrant leather scene in San Francisco, he finds himself presented with a sumptuous buffet of new experiences. But what if you don’t know what your kink *is* yet? Exploring the Bear dance parties of SOMA and the Dungeons of the Castro, Brian discovers that his new leather community comes with BDSM mentorship opportunities that will allow him to learn more about himself and what turns him on. Unfortunately, now it’s not just about what he wants - he’s discovered what he needs.


Episode 62: ‘Spit Roasted by Spock?‘ (Alotta Boutté)

Lieutenant Uhura is up for a promotion – and she’s willing to EARN it! When the online registration form for the International Ms Leather conference requests a personal fantasy as part of your profile for the weekend, burlesque legend (and career Trekkie) Alotta Boutté types in one line: “To be Lieutenant Uhura, getting banged by Captain Kirk while sucking off Spock.” Oh, it’s on! Alotta’s friends and fellow freaks band together to make her Star Trek dreams come true in IMsL’s notorious dungeon. But should she let an emotionless Vulcan top her? Hmm, let’s find out! #HotelCon #Cosplay


Episode 61: ‘2 Player RPG‘ (Caleb Gray)

Consent without words? Game Developer Caleb Gray downloads the OKCupid app on his way to E3 Game Developer’s Conference, and soon he starts swapping messages with a woman who loves games, too – but not video games. They begin a long distance, old fashioned courtship and after a full year of stripping themselves bare through language and art, it’s finally time for in person, non-verbal fantasy fulfillment. Hey, don’t laugh at my playlist!


Episode 60: ‘Cut a Bitch’ (Viktor Belmont)

Range Rovers & Supermodels FTW! When Viktor Belmont wins a Hookie Award for Best Newcomer Escort, this Trans Male sex worker wakes up to a ton of new client booking requests on Tumblr. But when a mysteriously beautiful female escort offers to fly him in for a private weekend in Chicago, he shucks them all to the side for that plane ticket waiting for him at SFO.  The surprise waiting at the Incall apartment on the other end of his flight has him grateful for his testosterone therapy travel kit…I mean, no amount of #BFE preparation could have prepared him for THIS date. Viktor, don’t fall asleep! #BrokeAss #HuntingKnife #GrayToGreen


Episode 59: ‘Hunger and Optimism’ (Tuesday June)

6 hours in a sex club?! Writer and promiscuous polyamorous princess Tuesday June has been on many fist – I mean first – dates, and this pro can tell In 2 minutes whether the chemistry is there. And when she meets Jeff, it’s not – until he sweetens the pot with a trip to a public dungeon. One sex swing, a wandering poll on how double penetration works and an comfy orgy bed for 8 later, Tuesday’s discovers that her suitor’s rookie mistake has put her in danger…Oh Lawdy Lawd, who will save our heroine?

Did Tuesday leave you wanting more? Find Tuesday June at https://www.tuesdayjune.blog/ (Note: Don’t go to .com, it is *not* what you want)


Episode 58: ‘Consent & Crotch Rockets’ (Dossie Easton)

Are you ready to make a scene? On this episode, Notorious psychotherapist and author Dossie Easton (co-author of The Ethical Slut, The Topping Book, The Bottoming Book, Radical Ecstasy and more) shares a few kinky tales from her 75 years on Earth, and recounts some of the groundbreaking pervy parties she’s enjoyed in sex-positive community. Sneak peek: While she’s in the throes of pleasure and pain at a Gay Leathermen’s party, a stranger stumbles upon her scene-in-progress and his interruption brings the flogging to a screeching halt. Her joyful connection lost, Dossie chases him out of the dungeon, returning later to defy social norms, and to firmly-yet-kindly ensure that he’ll never repeat his mistake. Her valuable lesson about play party etiquette, consent and negotiation will benefit both total newbies and seasoned kinksters… Hey Ferris Bueller, does your Daddy ride a Harley?


Episode 57: ‘It’s Stuck in There!’ (Sarah Pennino)

Gah, they never knock! On this episode, Teen Mom turned Sportsballing Lesbian Sarah Pennino heads off to Festival of the Babes in Vancouver BC for queer community and healthy exercise. Since a weekend away is a rare thing for a single parent, she makes the most of it – and ends up falling in love with her non-binary Tinder date. How do you balance a queer long distance relationship with the proper parenting of your son? Plan for adventurous family travel, be a good listener, give sound medical advice, throw a blanket over your (sexual act) when your teenager walks in on you, and remember not to yank. Youch, now we need WebMD for TWO medical emergencies!


Episode 56: ‘MomSexual’ (Deirdre Bowen)

Long live the SuperLike! On this episode, Deirdre Bowen tries Tinder at the behest of her daughter, and soon finds herself engaged in a little pre-Cheesecake Factory sexting with a (really) Young Republican in another state. It’s all innocent enough till her bossy ballerina/lawyer BFF challenges our heroine to make those Cougar dreams a reality – why don’t you head down the coast and find out if this flirtatious cub boy is for real? One refundable Southwest airline ticket later, D is experiencing the sort of airport chivalry her husband never bestowed on her, and she ends up spending her ‘business trip’ enjoying enthusiastic, pokey, outdoor sex with a great view of her daughter’s dorm. Hi Mom!


Episode 55: ‘Rapture’(Nerine Mechanique, Sean Riccio)

Oh, the Bounty! On this episode, Sean Riccio cavorts in DomCon New Orleans’ dimly lit hallways and dungeons with Goddesses and Ladys and Prodommes (oh MY!), Jefferson Bergey sings about cakefarts, roman showers and shoving habaneros in your sex holes (splosh!), and Nerine Mechanique’s OKCupid date plans an immodest date, replete with excessive wine pairings and the tasting menu (Hint: she’s on it).

It’s 2019, do you carry a pocketknife? You should, cause those babies are useful! #Sanguination