Want to be a storyteller at Bawdy?


We ask that you send a brief synopsis (a paragraph or so) of your story by email to dixie@bawdystorytelling.com. We’ll respond right away, and will arrange to hear your story on the phone if it fits an upcoming theme (a calendar of themes appears in the sidebar to the right).

Keep in mind your story needs to be under ten minutes in length, needs to be true, and must be told – not read off of paper. Bawdy Storytelling is not a reading. It’s a storytelling event. There’s a big difference!

If your story is selected for an event, we ask potential performers to commit to the following:

1. You need to have attended our event before you can perform at Bawdy. You may have heard great things about us, but you really need to experience Bawdy Storytelling firsthand before you get onstage. We operate differently than sexy readings or clean storytelling events, and being part of the audience prior to appearing onstage allows you to fully grasp the concept of our event.

2. We need you to attend the event’s rehearsal, usually held a couple of days before the event you’ll be performing at. You can be a skilled performer or brand new to this, but rehearsal provides you with coaching and feedback on the story you’re about to share onstage. That helps you deliver your story without a hitch – polished, succinct and ready for the stage.

Just want to be added to our Event Announcement list, so that you don’t miss a single Bawdy Storytelling? Send an email to dixie@bawdystorytelling.com asking to be added!

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