‘Nerdgasm’ (SF)

Wednesday, October 9th 2013
at the Verdi Club (2424 Mariposa Street, San Francisco CA)
Tickets $12 in Advance at NerdGasm Tickets / $15 at the Door
Remember: Doors at 7, Stories at 8!

Storytellers include:
– GenderFork founder Sarah Dopp
– Game Designer & Artist Doctor Popular
– Pervtographer & Ex-Mormon Merkley
– Brain Scientist Dr. Marty Dubuque
– Trans storyteller & Host of the Awkward Sex Show Carey Callahan
– San Francisco Sex Information switchboard operator Becca
– Custom Bawdy songs by Lark
– Sexy ‘cock’tail specials
– Pervy Giveaways from NJoy & OhMiBod
– And a special version of Bang-O, our already infamous new ice breaker event. It’s the perfect way to learn *the good stuff* about your fellow audience members!

Sexual Expertise is more than just talent; it’s attention to detail and knowledge, too. And when a ‘situation’ demands precision, it takes a champion problem solver to get that +1 bonus. Who else but a Nerd knows the terrain of your sexual anatomy like they’ve got a GPS in their pocket, & can talk dirty to you in Klingon at the same time? A Nerd can build you a fucking machine, program your DVR for True Blood, and then climb into bed to hit that special spot that sends you over the moon.

Join us on October 9th as Bawdy Storytelling – that pervy academician who wants to fill your beaker with oxytocin – presents an evening of real world Einsteins with big libidos and even bigger IQs. Our handpicked line-up of sexy eggheads will put down their copy of The Kinsey Report, put their pants back on, & spend their Wednesday night telling you true stories that elucidate their penchant for ‘data-gathering’ and ‘research.’ A Bawdy about Brainiacs?! That’s GENIUS!

Performer Bios:

Sarah Dopp is the creator of Genderfork.com, a community expression blog for fabulous gender non-conforming people all over the Internet. She also co-hosted San Francisco’s Queer Open Mic for four years, and she’s been published in “Coming and Crying” — a book about sex and feelings made by the Internet. She loves telling stories at Bawdy because the crowd there really gets her. They understand at a core, gritty level that the passionate hot foursome she’s in with Sex, Gender, and the Internet is not just a passing phase.

Doctor Popular is a game designer, iPhone musician, illustrator, tailor, rapper, and super nerd who lives in San Francisco’s Mission District.

-San Francisco based photographer Merkley has been taking pictures of naked chicks for some time and admits that he is quite surprised at people’s willingness to pose in the flesh. Raised in Utah as a Mormon and one of 17 children, he dropped out of the church at 25 and moved to San Francisco, and over the last nearly 20 years has become a fixture in the SF scene. You can find Merkley’s work on Flickr or if you want a more tangible medium, his self published book 111 is available online and at some Mark Jacob’s stores. It’s all it promises to be, 111 naked chicks on their couches with a Merkley photoshop twist—anything from a flying cat to a jar of pickles.

– When Dr. Marty Dubuque was a young boy, he learned about the birds and bees. And the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Curious about all that symmetry and complementarity, he became an avid student of brain and behavior and a trained neuroscientist. Many a long day in the lab, Marty has tickled and probed neurons and organs, and then gone home and did it some more. The brain is his second favorite organ.

Carey Callahan is a trans comic making his home in Berkeley via his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. He’s been catching audiences off-guard with a mix of bold authenticity, insightful observations, and aggressive goofiness since 2006. He’s performed at diverse locales such as Zanies, Chicago’s Mayne Stage, Chicago Underground Comedy, Chicago’s “Lincoln Lodge,” The Cleveland Comedy Festival, and the Ohio Lesbian Festival. You should download the podcast he hosts: “The Awkward Sex Show,” a bi-weekly storytelling competition that explores the exciting and uncomfortable details of Millenial sexuality. That’s available on Itunes and Stitcher, and also at www.awkwardsexshow.com.

Becca is a graduate of San Francisco Sex Information, currently serving on the Board of Directors and trying not to sound too sexy on the info hotline. She identifies as queer, female, A.D.D., and a sex nerd. Someday someone will pay her for her recently acquired ability to make genitals out of balloons. She’ll be moving to Portland in a couple weeks, but don’t worry–she’ll be back .

Lark is a multi-instrumentalist rock star. Also known as “that girl with the toy piano” and “this crazy chick who plays drums backwards,” Lark has been stunning audiences throughout the bay with her special blend of unique arrangements and deadly songwriting. She also doubles as half of the dream pop duo, Snow Angel, and the lead singer for local prog-rockers, Antioquia. See more at larksongs.com

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