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Kinky Salon co-founder Polly Superstar onstage at our ‘Infamous!’ Show:


How did Kinky Salon start? The true story, told by Polly Superstar:


A Trans woman finds an ally & mentor in Sarah Dopp’s story from our ‘Winning!’ Show:


Open Relationship worlds collide in Reid Mihalko’s tale from our ‘Sex Wonk’ show:


Holly Fogleboch’s Queer adventure at Kink Camp for our ‘Butch/Femme’ show:


Tatyana Brown – April 2011 – Talking Dirty & Technology


Mollena – November 2009 – Size Queen


Xandir – June 2011 – Libertine!


J Delicious – November 2009


Sister Mable Syrup – May 2010

Sister Mabel Syrup | Bawdy Storytelling from Evan Karp on Vimeo.

Justin Berthelson – September 2009


Ames Beezer – May 2010


Reid Mihalko – January 2011 – Sex Wonk


Cookie Dominatrix – May 2011


Mollena – May 2011


Reid Mihalko – April 2011 – Talking Dirty & Technology


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