‘Bottoms Up!’ (SF)

True Tales of Anal, Alcohol & Submission (why pick just one?)

It’s Dixie’s Birthday & The Verdi Club gave her a present – so she’s giving it to you: Tickets for this event are just TEN DOLLARS in advance – for a Saturday night event. So Celebrate with us!

Storytellers & Activities include:
– Sexuality Educator & Rockstar Jamye Waxman
– Nerdist.com Podcast Sensation Sex Nerd Sandra
– WhoreCast founder & Queer/Kinky Fetish Model Siouxsie Q
– Bay Area Sexologist The Mama Sutra (Lanae St John)
– AgePlay TitleHolder/Semi-Professional Whipping Boy Sam Solo
– TV Personality-in-hiding Bexie Stark
– Sex-positive educator, activist and performer Dane Ballard
– Music by Siouxsie Q
Sex-Theme cocktails (it’s hot out! Enjoy a refreshing Bratty Bottom or a Dixie’s Tits. YUM)
Join us for Cock Cake & Sweets (it’s a birthday thing, too)

Tickets $10 in Advance at bawdysbottomsupsf.eventbrite.com/
$15 at the Door
Remember: Doors at 7, Stories at 8!

Bottoms Up? It ain’t just for drinkin,’ y’all!
Perverts co-opted this phrase many MANY years ago (cause we’re clever like that) and after an equal number of years, Dixie has acquiesced and is letting it happen. We know you’re fascinated by your butts and your best adventures happen when alcohol is in the mix, so for this month’s Bawdy, the audience completely gets their way – and it’s always fun when you guys call the shots. This Saturday night, Dixie’s a Bottom and you’re in charge!

If you’ve been telling your friends about this show, this is a great intro to what Bawdy Storytelling is: edgy, explicit and informational, social, and the most fun take on sex-positivity you’ll ever get your husband/co-workers/landlord to attend with you. Sex education is great, really, but personal storytelling about your antics – um, YEAH. True stories of bad decisions after a cocktail or five? Check. Anal Experimentation with hilarious results? We’ve got that. Tails of Submission? It’s in the works. And if you find an angle without representation, turn to your neighbor and help us cover ALL the bases.

Performer Bios:

Jamye Waxman (http://www.jamyewaxman.com/) is a top sex educator, author, speaker and director. Her latest book “Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight” (http://amzn.to/QCZzG8) was called a “no-brainer for bedtime reading” by LA Weekly in this year’s Sexy Gift Guide. Her book, “Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation” (http://amzn.to/NmYxLG) has been selling (hands down) for over 5 years now. When Waxman’s not writing, she’s working on school and providing sex advice for the Lovers (http://www.loverspackage.com/) chain of adult boutiques. She’s also the CGO, chief gasm officer, at gasm.org and her sit down interview podcast, Hot Sox can be found on itunes. She loves hula hoops and all things glitter.

– Sandra Daugherty (Sex Nerd Sandra) is a passionate sex educator based in Los Angeles. Her irreverent humor and quirky love for details has given rise to her moniker, Sex Nerd Sandra. Sandra is the resident sex blogger on Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist.com. She also works & teaches at The Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles and coaches individuals. She has been seen on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ the pilot episode of The Wanda Sykes Show, & has also lent her voice to both Playboy and Spice Radio. Sandra believes human sexuality should be a distinct field of study as it is a distinct & important aspect of our lives. And she, for one is happy, quite happy, to study it.

– The reigning SF Bay Little Mister Little Sam Solo has been performing inappropriately on stage and in front of the camera since he was legally allowed to do so. Sam is currently focused on working his way up the ranks of male vs female fetish wrestlers and as long as he keeps his perfect winless record going his rise should continue. Some of his ‘matches’ ca be seen at Femwin, Ultimate Female Grappling and his very own site, Girl Bullies.

– Lanae St.John (The Mama Sutra) is a San Francisco Bay Area based Sexy Mamas Blogger, Board Certified Sexologist, and Sex Educator. Her work with clients normalizes conversations about sexuality between parents and children, while helping adults to discover a more sexually positive outlook. Find her on Twitter at @themamasutra and on the web at www.themamasutra.net/

Bexie Stark is a host, writer and all-around goddess of gab. She’s currently an anchor for a live daily lifestyle show and co-host of a weekly pop culture review. She’s displayed her storytelling skillz at NPR’s “The Moth” as well as other story slams around LA (where she recently moved from), which inspired her to produce and host her very own monthly storytelling and variety show. Bexie likes to wear purple as much as humanly possible, believes in unicorns, wants her own direwolf and thinks oversharing is super sexy.

Siouxsie Q is an all american whore, a mermaid, and the porn star pin up girl of your dreams. She has been a guest expert on the Savage Love column, and Ira Glass thinks she’s “charming”. She is the creator and host of The WhoreCast–a bi-weekly podcast showcasing stories, art, and voices of American sex workers. Listen at www.thewhorecast.com. See her naked on the internet on Queer Porn Tv, Kink.com, The Crash Pad Series and many others. Her original sex worker mermaid musical “Fish Girl” comes to the San Francisco Fringe Festival in September. http://www.sffringe.org/wordpress/fish/ If you can’t wait that long, join her at The WhoreCast LIVE show on May 18th at the Center for Sex and Culture to kick of the Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival.

– A sex-positive educator, activist and performer, Dane Ballard is dedicated to improving the sex, sexuality and relationships of all people through hands-on coaching, workshops, lectures, and through his work as an educator at Kink.com. A former male escort and adult film performer, Dane has a delightful sense of humor and irresistible charm that make him both a sexy and entertaining speaker. A leader in the sex-positive community, Dane Ballard served on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and was the producer and host of “SexLife LIVE”, the sex-positive late night TV show, for over 4 years.

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