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Bawdy Storytelling’s ‘CaliFornicatin’
Saturday, June 4th, 7pm
Abundant Sugar (in the Brewery Arts Complex)
618A Moulton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90031 (map)

Our line-up for this event currently includes:

CaliFornicatin’ – East Coasters are jealous of more than just our weather: Californians are hot, smart, and dirty — the fucking Trifecta! But what happens when you tire of yet another beautiful day and your job at the non-profit… do you delve into the underworld of Casual Encounters? Engage in sexting that would make ‘Texts from Last Night’ blush? Perhaps you participate in an independent porn shoot before your reading on sex and gender at the local coffeehouse. Come hear the stories of some of California’s all-star perverts, share some stories of your own, and experience the show that’s taken San Francisco by storm!

Bawdy Storytelling is loadin’ up the bus with perverts and coming to LA for the SoCal take on sexual (mis)adventure. Bawdy Storytelling features real people sharing their bona fide sexual exploits in 10 minutes or less – no scripts, no nets and no holds barred (think of it as one night stand with the Moth & Savage Love). You’ll hear tales of carnal wins, epic fails and maybe even go home with a few new tricks for your boudoir arsenal.

Tickets at

Want to travel to LA with the Bawdy show? Read more about joining us on the bus.

Thanks, and please forward this email to people you know in the LA area. I need your help to make our first Road Show trip a success, and appreciate your help in spreading the word about us.

Upcoming themes in San Francisco:

Wednesday, June 8th: ‘Libertine!’
Those who are morally & sexually unrestrained. Less theme, more WOW.
Wednesday, July 13th: BawdySlam
Our first Story Slam, with audience participation, judges, & yes, prizes.
Wednesday, August 10th: ‘Queer’
Gay, lesbian, trans, or anybody who identifies as ‘unconventional.’

Upcoming themes in Oakland:

Tuesday, June 21st: ‘Tales of Non-Monogamy’
Those who embrace polyamory, identify as a Swinger or just live an Open lifestyle.
Tuesday, July 19th: ‘Think Kink’
True stories from doms/dommes and subs, those who dabble… or live a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle.
Thursday, August 18th: ‘Taboo’
Secret or forbidden fetishes, & how you discovered their hold on you.

Want to stay on top of what’s going on? Sign up for our event announcements by sending an email to We only send out a couple of emails each month to let you know who’s performing at Bawdy, and never share your email address with unsavory characters.

Click here to check out past events.

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How to Tell a Kick-Ass Story

It’s never too late to get your MFA – Master of Filthy Arts!

For those who come to the show and wonder in awe at the people up there sharing their lives, we have something just for you: the Bawdy Storytelling Master of the Filthy Arts. Come learn the art and science of telling a great story, learn how to bring a piece of your own life to the stage (or even just a cocktail party) and we’ll send you home with a copy of your final performance on Video, too!

So — are you ready for your close-u- Love Humiliation & Karaoke’s Enzo Lombard
– Story Army Frontman ‘DynaMatt’ Matt Holdaway
– Polyamorous Engineer Allanthe
– More Storytellers coming soon
– Music by @Hedwigx8!

There are few things more fun than seeing trouble coming a mile away, and still signing up to see where it takes you. This week, Bawdy Storytelling – the Jager shot in your orange juice – presents ‘Here Comes Trouble.’ 6 totally true tales of identifying a bad idea, acknowledging a bad idea, and getting all tingly with the prospects of going through with that bad idea. That 4am drive to Atlantic City with a woman you just met? Crashed a wedding reception and took the Best Man for a spin in the ladies room? What could possibly go wrong?!

Join us as real people tell real stories of signing up for a tumble with some bad idea theater – because bad decisions make GREAT stories! We’ll have a cubic butt ton of tales from both kinds of troublemakers: those who bring it, and those who sign on and then broadcast the dirty details. From hooking up with your frenemy to an innocent ‘let’s check it out’ at the local dungeon, listen to those who saw it coming and didn’t swerve – in fact, they welcomed the disruption to their orderly little lives. We promise to inspire you and send you off into the night – to make your very own trouble!

Remember: Doors at 7, Stories at 8!

Performer Bios:

– Enzo Lombard has been in one form of show business or other since he was 5 years old. He has sung professionally since 7, worked in London cabaret, studied acting in both London and New York, and been a standup comedian for three years. He fronted several bands in New York and San Francisco, working with future members of Counting Crow and Third Eye Blind. He has written one novel and directed several documentary films.

– Matt Holdaway is the storyteller in the Story-Rock band “Matt Holdaway’s Army”. He is DynaMatt on Radio Voices at 104.1 fm. He has written for over 80 publications including Hi-Fructose Magazine.

– Alianthe is a polyamorous engineer who spends most of her time thinking about love, sex, and answering the question “how do we make this work?” She hasn’t been on stage since this story took place, but is very excited to be sharing her story with you tonight.

– Hedwig, the front singer and would-be glam-rock star from East Germany, undergoes a botched gender-change operation in order to escape from the Soviet bloc, only to watch the Berlin Wall come down on TV after being abandoned in a trailer park in middle America. Hedwig gets involved with Tommy, an adolescent boy who steals her songs and becomes a stadium-filling musical act. Suffering from a broken heart and a lust for revenge, she follows Tommy’s tour, playing with her band (the Angry Inch) at tacky theme restaurants. At the Boxcar Theatre the show is re-interpreted, and features eight actors in the lead role of Hedwig. If you like Punk Rock, Plato, and Drag Queens don’t miss this show that runs until August 10th.

“The Moth for Pervs” – LA Weekly
Winner of the SF Weekly’s 2013 Best of San Francisco Award
“Dixie De La Tour’s over-the-top scandalous, sexy Bawdy Storytelling series…” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

Register here:

Bawdy’s Storytelling Workshop
May 8th, 15th, & 22nd, 2-6pm
The Jellyfish Gallery, 9th/Folsom, San Francisco
$250 for the series ($200 if paid in full by May 1st)

“Dixie knows her business: she asks the right questions and gives you guidance to help you build a story that’s worth hearing. I came to her thinking I’d bore an audience to tears before the end of my first sentence… but after working with her to develop my story, I got on stage and KILLED it. I couldn’t have done it without her!”
-Quinne A

“I couldn’t imagine being successful on stage in front of people I didn’t know. Dixie gave me really insightful feedback that made it easy to tell my story well AND to feel comfortable. I got on stage and told my story with ease – afterwards, many people asked me where else I appear on stage. Talk about hitting it out of the ball park! Since then, I have had occasion to speak before crowds several times, and I always go back to Dixie’s straightforward approach and her ability to help me find my “comfort zone” no matter the public speaking situation.”
– Cheryl M

“I’ve always been shy about sharing the intimate details of my life, but working on my story with Dixie gave me the confidence I needed to get on stage for the first time. People came up to me afterward and told me how much they loved my story – I felt like a rockstar!”
– Robin C

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Bawdy – LitQuake and LitCrawl

Dirty storytelling… it’s literary, bitches!

The first week in October is LitQuake, San Francisco’s largest literary festival, and this year, Bawdy Storytelling is part of it. Not just once, but twice! I can’t tell you how excited I am that our little show will be wowing the literati.

10.6.10: LitQuake – Graphic Confessions 7pm, Blue Macaw

10.9.10: LitCrawl – Bawdy in the Alley 8:30pm, Clarion Alley

Bawdy Storytelling is held together by many different parts of the sex-positive community, and we’re pulling out all the stops to create not just an evening of storytelling, but also a tour de force event with a few local favorites of adult entertainment.

Cross your fingers we can make it all happen – right now we’re working on:

  • DJ HelgaBunny will be sharing her favorite sexy music to get us all the mood. But who does her make-up?
  • Will DJ Ouchy the Clown join HelgaBunny in a dj spinoff? Well, they *are* loving rivals who work well together…
  • The Porn Clown Posse will follow up their Folsom Street Fair performance by joining us in support of their storytelling clown, Froghole. Clown Solidarity!
  • Have you experienced the Grope-a-Clown box? It was a huge hit at Sand By the Ton. Clowns are a controlled substance, and this device helps keep them in check!
  • Do stories onstage inspire you to tell your own? Our genius friend Jonathan has created the Bawdy Storytelling Video Confessional. It’s like StoryCorps gone terribly wrong.
  • It’s awfully easy to get carried away when sharing the dirty details… so Countdown the Clown will be there to keep our tellers on task.

Check out San Francisco Literary Festival’s links to our events:

Our LitQuake event is on Wednesday, October 6th

We’re headlining at LitCrawl on Saturday night, October 9, from 8:30-9:30 PM, in Clarion Alley

Please tell your friends about the show(s), come support us, and help spread the word about Bawdy. Forward a link to our (new!) site to people who might like us; storytelling is a powerful way to connect with others, and dirty stories? Holy shit, people! We all have sex, we all love it… and we’ve all failed miserably or had monumental successes in pursuit of it. Bawdy is the best first date out there: we have the friendliest audience in all of SF, and we’re always an inspiring evening of true stories.

Unless you tell a friend about us, we’ll never get to hear their story, and that’s why we do this: to let everyone know that they have a story worth sharing. So spread the word far and wide, won’t you? We appreciate your help, more than you’ll ever know.

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