About Bawdy and Dixie

Dixie De La Tour
Dixie De La Tour, Bawdy Storytelling’s founder and curator, is equal parts educator, entertainer, and irreverent host. The off-color nature of her life was at odds with her diehard love of storytelling until she decided to create Bawdy Storytelling, a place to share your secrets and create real connections – because talking about sex does just that. Dixie is a card-carrying pervert who sports both Southern charm and a mouth that would make a Sailor blush, and she’s earned her Ph.D in sex-positive culture after almost 15 years of hosting, promoting and throwing underground sex parties and events in San Francisco. Dubbed ‘the Grande Dame of Dirty Storytelling,’ Dixie has turned curated salon storytelling into an art form by providing guidance and encouragement while serving as Bawdy’s stage mom, talent scout, and talk show host. Dixie has taught sex-positive personal narrative performance at Yale University and in many major metropolitan cities, and is a former producer of San Francisco’s Fireside Storytelling and Memoir Spool shows. She weaves her own stories into each show, and performs across the country.

Dixie is available to emcee, story coach, and more at Dixie@BawdyStorytelling.com

Bawdy Storytelling
Bawdy Storytelling is the Nation’s Original Sex and Storytelling show. This award-winning storytelling event is monthly in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and features real people sharing their bona fide sexual exploits, live onstage. Bawdy’s storytellers are an eclectic mix of authors, poets, comedians and actors – along with real people just like you who have submitted their stories online and were chosen for their panache and sense of misadventure. Through coaching, rehearsals and more, each month’s show is created from the audience submissions and a celebrity or two.

Sign up for our event announcements by sending email to dixie@bawdystorytelling.com. We only send out a couple of emails each month to let you know who’s performing at Bawdy, and never share your email address with unsavory characters.